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Who is YANG MING LINE, the shipowner for which TEAM LOGISTIC SPECIALISTS is the exclusive agent in Romania?

YANG MING LINE is a Taiwanese shipowner which has the Ministry of Transport as its main shareholder.

Presently, all around the world, there are 20 788 648 TEU and 256 626 245 TDW on all containerised shipping services. YANG MING MARINE TRANSPORT CORP owns a share of 2.8% : 577 049 TEUS and 101 operated ships (source:

YANG MING LINE mainly offers maritime transport services from Asia to Europe and North America.

YANG MING LINE is a partner in THE ALLIANCE – THEA, the only alliance that offers a mutual guarantee fund, which obliges the partner shipowners to deliver all the containers of the allied shipowners, in the unlikely case of one of the partners being in financial difficulties.